Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Thank you for showing an interest in Milestones. I take your privacy very seriously. I neither want nor need to know anything about your personal data. Therefore, Milestones is built to keep your data completely private.


Your Gumroad account password never gets shared with Milestones. When you sign into your Gumroad account via Milestones, it is done securely via Gumroad’s website using OAuth2 and Milestones is given read-only permission to your account via a token. This token is stored securely in the keychain of your device. The app does not have write access to your Gumroad account.

Data Storage

Milestones uses the Gumroad API to fetch sales, transactions and product data. This data does not leave your device. The latest data is cached on your device for offline use. We do not and will never share, upload, or have access to this information. All your data stays strictly on your device.

Personally-Identifying Information

Milestones does not transmit any Personally-Identifying Information outside of your local device.

The only data stored in our database is your device ID and user ID. These are used for Push Notifications to be triggered correctly to your device. These IDs are not tied to any Personally-Identifying Information.

Premium Purchases

If you sign-up for Milestones Pro, either via Subscription or In-App Purchase, your billing information, address, and name are all maintained by the Apple App Store and are not visible to me. I will simply get information about whether or not you have purchased a subscription/in-app purchase, the term you signed up for and when it is due to expire. This is all made available to me in an anonymous fashion. This anonymous data is also shared with my purchase provider RevenueCat.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change periodically. By using Milestones you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: 14th November, 2021